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Joint Stock Company MINUDOBRENIYA is one of the largest chemical enterprises in Russia. It is the only producer of mineral fertilizers in Central Chernozem Region. The products manufactured by the enterprise are supplied to more than 40 countries around the world. Today JSC MINUDOBRENIYA is one of the largest enterprises in the region.
The first production of the enterprise was received in September 1979.

JSC MINUDOBRENIYA includes the following operating units: two Ammonia Production Plants, two Weak Nitric Acid Plants, Ammonium Nitrate Plant, two NPK Production Plants and Calcium Carbonate Drying Installation.
The main types of products are technical liquid ammonia, ammonium nitrate, nitroammophoska (NPK), nitric acid, calcium carbonate, process calcium carbonate.
In order to strengthen the Company's market position, a phased revamp of production has been carried out in JSC MINUDOBRENIYA over the past fifteen years. Its main goal is to upgrade equipment, implement new technologies that reduce costs for energy and raw materials and at the same time increase the environmental safety of the plants.
The revamped plants of the enterprise produce annually about 1.2 million tons of ammonia, more than 550 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate, more than 1.2 million tons of nitroammophoska, more than 850 thousand tons of non-concentrated nitric acid, up to 200 thousand tons of process calcium carbonate. The Company's products are the permanent winner of the All-Russian competition «100 best goods of Russia», with the right to use the sign «100 best goods of Russia».
Tests of finished products are carried out by the testing laboratory of the Centralized Department of Technical Control (unique number of the accreditation record in the register of accredited persons RA.RU.22X31);
Analytical measurements on the implementation of industrial eco-analytical and sanitary-hygienic control provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the implementation of economic activities of the enterprise are carried out by the testing laboratory of Nature Protection Department (unique number of the accreditation record in the register of accredited persons RA.RU.515009);
The verification of measuring instruments is carried out by the metrology laboratory (the unique number of the accreditation record in the register of accredited persons RA.RU.311730).
An integrated management system has been implemented and certified in JSC MINUDOBRENIYA. The management system meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015. The main principles of activity are defined by the “Quality and Ecology Policy of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA”, as well as by the requirements of relevant international standards.

JSC MINUDOBRENIYA is open to business cooperation!

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