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20 January 2023
On the Christian feast of the Epiphany, JSC MINUDOBRENIYA was visited by the newly appointed Bishop of Rossoshansky and Ostrogozhsky Dionysius and the secretary of the Rossoshansky diocesan administration, Priest Ioann Suzdaltsev.
The head of the Rossoshansky diocese met with the General Director of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA V.B. Luriya, and then visited the production site of the plant, where he got acquainted with the technological process in real time, saw firsthand the workshops of the enterprise, modern chemical equipment and manufactured products.
A tour of the main workshops of the enterprise was conducted for the guests, they were told about the production process of mineral fertilizers and the quality control.
The starting point of the visit was the Ammonia Production Plant, where a number of revamps were carried out, namely, the technical re-equipment of the primary reforming furnace, process air compressor of pos.101-J and natural gas compressor of pos.102-J.
Then the clergy visited the Nitric Acid Production Plant, where the modernization made it possible to significantly improve the characteristics of the unit.
Then there was the largest plant — NPK Production Plant, namely, the finished product warehouse (nitroammophoska) and the central control panel of NPK Production Plant No 1. Rossoshansky and Ostrogozhsky Bishop and the secretary of the Rossoshansky diocesan administration, Priest Ioann Suzdaltsev, were impressed by the scale and modern specifics of the production of mineral fertilizers.
In an interview with our correspondent, the Bishop explained the purpose of his visit to the enterprise and shared his impressions of visiting the industrial site of the plant: «I am now getting acquainted with the city, with parishioners, with all Rossoshansky structures, first of all, of course, JSC MINUDOBRENIYA, because this is a large, city-forming enterprise, many parishioners work here. My goal is to get to know each other, to see so that we can interact and build joint projects in the future.
Such a huge production causes only positive impressions, a large enterprise, many plants, thousands of people work, new technologies are being introduced, there are many prospects ahead in terms of construction and production.
JSC MINUDOBRENIYA is closely connected with agriculture, and this is a particularly important economic component for Russia. Mineral fertilizers are very important for the economy and the well-being of citizens. The Church has always treated enterprises of this profile with respect, because without God in the heart there can be no industrial success. Therefore, we will cooperate and pray that production develops, the well-being of Rossoshansky chemists improves, and they can live and work with dignity.»
After the plant visit, the Bishop took part in a meeting at which the results of the plant's work over the past year were summed up. General Director of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA V.B. Luriya introduced Bishop Dionysius to the staff of the enterprise.
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