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9 March 2023
On March 7, a solemn meeting dedicated to the International Women's Day was held in the assembly hall of the administration building of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA, where women from all structural divisions of the enterprise were invited. A pleasant surprise awaited them at the entrance: the employees of the joint-stock company were greeted by men with magnificent spring flowers — tulips.
Women were congratulated by the General Director of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA V. B. Luriya. Vadim Borisovich noted that the world would not exist without women: «No matter how important and brave men are, they are nobody without women. Without your caring hands, without your wisdom and kindness. You decorate our lives. On your fragile shoulders lies a great responsibility and burden: work, home, family, children. It is impossible to imagine our chemical production without women. We employ more than 1000 women workers. It is you who bring that harmony, orderliness, creativity and an alternative view into work processes! The achievements of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA are impossible without your initiatives, a responsible approach to everything, a sensitive attitude to the common cause, dedication. Thank you for your tireless work, for your warm smile and kind look. I sincerely wish you good health, happiness, love, family well-being, vital energy, unfading beauty, kindness and reasons for joy every day!»
A musical gift for the ladies was a festive concert prepared by the artists of the plant club «Gamma». Words of gratitude and admiration addressed to the women sounded throughout the event. The assembly hall of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA was filled with the atmosphere of spring mood, smiles and joy. The festive concert was held in one breath. Vocal numbers and dance compositions gave everyone a lot of pleasant and positive emotions.
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