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13 March 2023
On March 10, as part of a working visit to Rossoshansky District, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation A.V. Gordeev visited JSC MINUDOBRENIYA. He was accompanied by the Governor of the Voronezh Region A.V. Gusev, Chairman of the Voronezh Regional Duma V.I. Netesov, Deputy Chairmen of the Regional Government A.Y. Verkhovtsev and V.I. Logvinov, Head of the Rossoshanskiy District Administration Y.V. Mishankov and other representatives of the executive power of the region.
General Director of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA V. B. Luriya and Deputy General Director — Chief Engineer S.I. Bogunov showed the guests the revamped installations for the production of ammonia and ammonium nitrate, where they were convinced by a real example that much attention is paid to the development and improvement of production facilities at the plant.
One of the points of the visit was a central control room of ammonia production equipped with modern equipment. The delegation was introduced to the automated production control process.
General Director of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA V. B. Luriya said that in 2022 deliveries to agricultural producers of the Voronezh Region amounted to 215 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate and 92 thousand tons of nitroammophoska, which is higher than over the past 5 years.
Then Vadim Borisovich dwelt in more detail on the revamp that took place at the enterprise: «The technical re-equipment of AK-72 Nitric Acid Production Plant will allow an additional 210 thousand tons of nitroammophoska and 100 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate. In order to increase output and reduce energy consumption, the equipment was upgraded in Ammonia Plant No1. These are the technical re-equipment of the primary reforming furnace, the process air compressor and the natural gas compressor, the upgrade of the synthesis gas compressor, the construction of a steam distribution unit. The modernization made it possible to increase the production of ammonia and reduce the consumption of natural gas. The annual increase in ammonia production is expected at the level of 28 thousand tons. The technical re-equipment of AC-72 Ammonium Nitrate Plant has also been completed.»
It was noted that in 2023 JSC MINUDOBRENIYA continues activities aimed at the development of the enterprise. It is planned to allocate about 1.5 billion rubles for repairs of plants and upgrade of production this year, which will increase the efficiency and safety of production in future.
After visiting the production site of the plant, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma A.V. Gordeev summed up the results: «JSC MINUDOBRENIYA is the flagship of the Rossoshanskiy District. This is a unique enterprise. It is very important that there is a constant reconstruction going on here. Last year, 1.8 billion rubles were spent, this year about the same amount. Production volumes are not decreasing. These are mineral fertilizers, both for the domestic market and, accordingly, for the development of exports. We can say that today, in these difficult conditions and with all the difficulties, the region's economy is growing. It turns out that the government of the Voronezh Region pays proper and effective attention, a number of programs are in operation, which gives confidence that taxes will be deducted to the budget and the entire social sphere will work.»
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