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5 April 2023
In JSC MINUDOBRENIYA the professional skill contests among young specialists have become a good tradition for a long time. The contests are held on the initiative of Youth Council by Administration of the enterprise and Trade Union Organization for 20 years already.
This year at the site of Centralized Department of Technical Control the young laboratory assistants of the two departments — Nature Protection Department and Centralized Department of Technical Control have tried their hands in the field. The six young ladies have pretended to become the best. Being young, ambitious, already skilled professionals of their field, they were skillfully combining knowledge and experimental skills with dedication to chemistry. The contestants were evaluated by a competent jury consisting of the chairman of Primary Trade Union Organization V.A. Slautin, the head of Quality Department I.B. Podporinova, the head of Centralized Laboratory of the Enterprise A.I. Pushkarev, the leading engineer of Analytical Research Testing Laboratory of Centralized Laboratory of the Enterprise E.G. Checheneva, the specialist in staff training and development of Staff Evaluation, Training and Development Department E.V. Soboleva, the chair of Youth Council A.A. Kravchenko.
The first stage of the contest was the «Presentation» while which the contestants presented themselves effectively. They demonstrated their various talents: recited the poetry of their own composition, presented the creative works, among which there were the paintings and even the culinary delights. All the performances were bright and original. But no matter how fun and creative the self–presentation was, the result of the contest still was determined by the main criteria — professionalism. So then there was the theoretical part of the contest, it was held by questioning tickets consisting of four questions. The contestants had to show their knowledge in the field of inorganic and analytical chemistry, as well as knowledge of measurement techniques for analyzing various objects. Theory is definitely important, but the main thing, of course, is practice, and therefore, during the next stage of the professional contest, a tense and exciting struggle unfolded.
Each participant had to show her skills when performing a laboratory analysis to determine the hardness of water and the volume of liquid by the eye. At this test stage, the ability of laboratory assistants to obtain reliable and qualitative results, the ability to use measuring instruments and correctly perform calculations were evaluated. The jury members noted the efforts of all the contestants and their high skills.
But that's why it's a competition to define the winner. The title of «The best young laboratory assistant of the year 2023» in a tough struggle was earned by the controller of product quality and technological process (entrance control of raw materials and materials) of Centralized Department of Technical Control G.A. Androsova. The second prize was won by the controller of product quality and technological process (production of liquid mineral fertilizers) Centralized Department of Technical Control E.V. Redkoborodaya, and the bronze prize was won by the laboratory assistant of chemical analysis of the laboratory of industrial wastewater control of Nature Protection Department K.S. Novokhatskaya.
At the award ceremony, all contestants were awarded with diplomas and gifts of money.
Professional competitions of this kind help to maintain a high level of qualification of employees of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA and promote further development of leadership skills among factory youth.
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