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Social Policy

For a number of years JSC MINUDOBRENIYA has been following a systematic policy aimed at the development and support of social programs. These programs are implemented at the enterprise within the framework of a Collective Agreement concluded in accordance with the Labor Code between the management and employees of the enterprise.
Properly invested funds in social programs are a real help to society and benefit the business itself (strengthening the reputation and image of the Company, increasing investment attractiveness, improving the quality of business management).
JSC MINUDOBRENIYA pays serious attention to social policy and charitable activities.
The main directions of the charity program:
— Rossoshansky boarding house for the elderly and disabled;
— Social rehabilitation center for minors;
— Public, social and charitable organizations and foundations;
— Religious organizations;
— Children's and educational institutions;
— Cultural institutions;
— Sports organizations;
— Municipal institutions;
— Authorities;
— Targeted support of war and labor veterans, the disabled;
— Targeted support of those in need.
The main principles of the Social Policy of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA:
— A systematic approach. The Company is not limited to private donations, but forms targeted charitable programs. A systematic approach ensures that the funds will be used as efficiently as possible and with maximum benefit for the recipients.
— Regularity. The Company develops programs of charitable and sponsorship support for the long term, considering that for a number of social organizations and socially unprotected groups it is necessary to provide constant assistance, not limited to one-time promotions. At the same time, the Company is open to one-time support for organizations and individuals, families.
— Targeting. This principle guarantees that the funds will be directed specifically to those individuals and organizations, who need assistance, that they will be fully directed to the appropriate types of assistance.
— Publicity, openness. The Company arranges charitable assistance and support to those social institutions, programs, groups the assistance to which is relevant from the point of view of the population. In this regard, the Company informs the public about ongoing charity programs, about how effectively the assistance is provided.
The Company gives great support for the social rehabilitation center for minors, the branch of the regional blood transfusion station, the Rossoshansky Chemical and Mechanical Technical School and other educational, medical, cultural and social institutions.
For many years, a program for treatment of employees of JSC MINUDOBRENIYA, their family members and pensioners has been consistently implemented. The department of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) operates in the Medical and Sanitary Department of the enterprise, new equipment has been purchased for the offices of an optometrist, an otolaryngologist, a surgeon and a therapist. In the Health Care Center of the enterprise, the employees are offered a wide range of medical services, excellent conditions for rest and treatment. All types of modern physiotherapy treatment are used.
A lot of various events and meetings, providing leisure time for the employees, are held by the enterprise club «Gamma». In summer, the employees have the opportunity to relax at recreation camp “Don”, where excellent living conditions are created, there are a swimming pool, a new dining room, a buffet, a video room. The availability of sports grounds and equipment makes it possible to hold a traditional

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