Human resources are the main and determinant factor of production, the first productive force of a society. For the most part production efficiency depends on the skill level of employees, their professional training and business proficiency. For this reason a flexible system of human resources management focused on the market-based operation of the enterprise was established in OAO �Minudobreniya�. Performance of this system includes solving complex administrative, labour, financial and economic, social and economic, educational problems as well as many other issues. In accordance with the HR policy of OAO �Minudobreniya� conditions for development of all employees potential were established in the Company. A modern system of continuing education, professional training and development of OAO �Minudobreniya� employees is implemented according to the standard. T&E activity for senior officers and specialists is realized in specialized training centers and higher education institutions of Moscow and other cities of Russia. All employees of OAO �Minudobreniya� have a possibility to get an off-campus education in higher education institutions and postgraduate centers. In the Company there is the senior officers reserve which ensures the succession of senior executives. Firstly, it helps to save the highest value elements of the Company, namely: its corporative culture. Secondly, it gives the opportunity to secure from crisis situations occurring in the Company in case of leaving the key managers. Thirdly, it allows motivating the career growth of the Company employees. In 2003 �Higher School of Technical Officers�, as a form of corporative educational institution, was established in OAO �Minudobreniya� with a purpose of the senior executive reserve training. For the most part teachers of this corporative school are the higher category specialist of main Voronezh higher education institutions which are related to production of mineral fertilizers and chemical industry. Training the senior officers of different levels and leading specialists of the Company makes it possible to increase the quality level of the staff, improve individual and collective skills of key problems solving. Specific features of economic and operating activity of OAO �Minudobreniya� shows that not only the senior officers and specialists (engineers and technicians) but workers shall enrich their background on a regularly basis, to improve labour methods and practices, to learn advanced technologies. With this purpose the School of Professional Skills was created in the Company in 2010. The School activity is oriented to learning by the workers (repairmen, electric fitters and instrumentation fitters) the grounds of Quality Management System, labour-saving work, labour safety standards. In the course of studying the teachers pay a lot of attention to environmental problems, production cost reduction, internal reserves. Lessons at the school are as much as possible related to the needs of the Plant and its first-priority problems. The first year study results show that the Company has an estimable new generation of workers. Over the period of 25 years the students of affiliated Vocational School No 55 do practical training in OAO �Minudobreniya� with a degree in operator of inorganic substances production, service engineer of instruments and electrician for repair and maintenance of electric equipment. The School graduates are constantly being employed in the Company. High skill united team of the Company is the guarantee of its stable operation. HR management is based on the following principles: �understand strategic and current tasks, problems facing the Company and find the ways of the problems solving; �feel a part of the Company and relate own interests to it; �fully follow and support the Company values; �accept responsibility for economic performances, success and failures of the Company activity. �Human factor� plays a crucial part in any production process. And advanced technologies of human resources management exercise a dominant influence upon the works results in the Company in whole.

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